I am a blessed wife, mother, stepmother, and grandmother. I
have 3 adult children and 3 adult stepchildren (5 boys and 1 girl) I
have been a local NW Arkansas resident since November of
2000. I love God and have a fondness for the people in the Ozark
Mountains. I earned my Master of Social Work in 2009 and have
since worked as a medical social worker until acquiring my
Arkansas State Health and life Insurance license, during the COVID
pandemic in 2022.
I am great at helping people to tap into needed resources.
Working in the medical field of social work has helped me to
realize the importance of being able to live your best life in the
here and now because life is unpredictable.
Ease your mind and let me help you prepare for an unpredictable

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I do not offer all insurance carriers in the great state of Arkansas, but I have many
options for health and life insurance.